Not just a Pharmacy


At The Little Pharmacy & Shoe Shop, if our doors are open, we have a qualified pharmacist in store on duty!

By having a pharmacist in store on duty, you can get quick answers to your questions about medication usage or dose, interactions between your medications, general health and wellbeing.


Problems with your sleep can put a strain on your health and even your relationships. Sleep apnoea if left untreated can lead to many other health concerns.

Our pharmacists can screen and test for sleep apnoea and then assist in managing the condition. There is no need to travel far and wide as all the aftercare can me managed from our pharmacy.

Contact us to see how we can help you get a better night's sleep.


Are you or is someone you know having difficulty managing their medications?
If you’re prescribed a range of medications, it can sometimes be a challenge to make sure you’re taking the right doses of the right medications, at the right times!

That’s where we step in. At The Little Pharmacy & Shoe Shop we offer dose administration aids for when life gets a little tough and you need a helping hand with your medication.

Talk with our on duty pharmacist in store to get advice on how you can improve your medication management!


The Little Pharmacy & Shoe Shop has a visiting podiatrist in store for consultations.

We spend so much of our lives on our feet, yet sometimes they can get forgotten or overlooked when we’re thinking about our health! If you have any concerns about your feet or ankles, a podiatrist foot specialist is exactly what you need for peace of mind, more comfort and mobility!

To book an appointment contact Geelong Foot Clinic
(03) 52224020


Offering remedial and pregnancy massage.

Visiting fortnightly to The Little Pharmacy and Shoe Shop is a massage therapist from Massage 4 Health for all of your massage needs.

Don't suffer in pain any more, contact Massage 4 Health to make an appointment.


We have a visiting audiologist at The Little Pharmacy and Shoe Shop that offers hearing tests and assistance with all ongoing hearing care and support.

For bookings please contact Amplifon and mention that you would love your appointment at The Little Pharmacy and Shoe Shop in Camperdown
1800 676 518