Not just a Pharmacy

We have an extensive range of footwear from sandals and heels to boots and slippers too. All from your favourite brands like Django & Juliette, Cabello, Homyped, Planet, CC Resorts, Kroten, CBD, Sala, Eos, Effegie, Stegmann, Arcopedico and many more in store!

Other services we offer:

Pharmacist In Store On Duty

We always have a qualified pharmacist on duty from the moment we open our doors, to the minute we close them. That way you can get the advice you need, when you need it!

Sleep Apnoea

Problems with your sleep can be a strain, and sleep apnoea can lead to much worse problems if left unchecked! Our pharmacists can screen, test and offer aftercare to treat sleep apnoea.

Dose administration aids

The Little Pharmacy & Shoe Shop is a helping hand if you or a loved one is having trouble managing medications, with our helpful dose administration aids.


Once a week The Little Pharmacy & Shoe Shop has a qualified podiatrist from the Geelong Foot Clinic visit to assist customers with their foot and ankle health concerns, including specialised advice on footwear and orthotics.

Massage Therapist

Whether you’re recovering from injury, suffering from muscle and joint pain or stiffness, or having pain and discomfort during your pregnancy, put yourself in Massage 4 Health's qualified hands.

Hearing Tests

Amplifon offers in-store hearing tests at The Little Pharmacy and Shoe Shop and can provide all the most current information and support on all of the latest hearing technology.